How to make a reservation

From the 6th of August 2021 you must show
your Green Pass to access the hut, thank you

Reservation List

Before booking
Check the Reservation list to make sure there are available places left for the selected date; this can help you to plan your trip better.

When you chose the date, you should gather some informations that will be asked you during the reservation process:

1) The name of the reserver (a family name, the name of the group leader, or something similar)
2) The period of your stay (date of arrival and date of departure)
3) The number of people you are booking for
4) A phone number, possibly one that will be available also during the hike
5) The place where you live (your home country or, if you live in Italy, the province)
6) Any special request (special diets, allergies, etc...)

There are three ways to perform a reservation
E-Mail Call the Section
Call the Hut
Send to:
available all year long
Call the
Vice President Ferloni Antonio
+39 329 4711753 o +39 320 8429693
Coordinator of the hut keepers
Chiusi Giorgio +39 375 5023112
available all year long
Call +39 0342 556010
or 329 4711753
Only during the opening season of the hut.
Possibly in the morning or late afternoon.

General Rules
In order to sleep in the hut, it is NECESSARY to have your own sleeping bag.
A sleeping bag can be bought at the hut.

Different kind of bed are assigned to each guest by the hut keeper according to their needs and availability. The kind of bed specified for your reservation in the reservations list will not necessarily apply. The hut keeper will take into consideration the order of reservation, the group composition (presence of children, couples, etc...) and special requests.

The hut is very small and the space very limited: all beds are in a single shared room. We trust our guests will be willing to adapt to the situation.

The reservation can be considered accepted only once the reservation number has been given back to you. You can always check your reservation on the reservations list by verifying that your reservation number is shown in the days you requested.