The CAI office is open on Friday from 21:00 to 23:00

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Viale Brianza
Ex Serra Tagliabue
20845 SOVICO (MB)

E-Mail Address

New telephone number+39 328 9572119

this number can be used
for SMS and WhatsApp

President: Daniele Beccalli
Vice president/Treasurer: Antonio Ferloni (Councilor)
Secretary: Stefano Sala (Associate)
Relationship Manager: Liliana Saini (Councilor)
Juniores group Manager: Letizia Perego (Councilor)
Excursions Manager: Roberto Piazza (Councilor)
Hut Manager: Giorgio Chiusi (Councilor)
Vice Hut Manager: Davide Mandelli (Councilor)
Hut Reservation Manager: Aurora Perego (Associate)
Hut supervisor: Davide Gozzi (Associate)
Tecnology manager and Web Site: Paolo Zanzottera (Associate)
Auditor: Stefano Vertemati,  Canzi Daniela,   Federico Perego
Hut Keepers: In weekly shifts of CAI members