Opening season 2018
   24 June  /  16 September +15-16 e 22-23 September

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Position of the hut Characteristics of hut
Altitude 2580ms/lm Built in 1937
Massif Disgrazia Vazzeda Owner CAI SOVICO
Locality Bocchetta Piattè di Vazzeda Beds 6 + 2 Camp-Bed + 4 Winter room
Town Chiesa Valmalenco (SO) - Chiareggio Winter room Usable since 2013
Coordinates Lat. 46°18' 30.95"N   Long. 9°44' 31.34"E Telephone 0342 / 556010

Some photo of hut
Tracks from the hut
Climbs Vazeda Peak (difficult)      Valbona Peak    M.te Forno
Ski mountaineering Rosso Peak   M.te Sissone  Vazzeda Pass
Trekking Forno Hut (Switzerland)
Mello Valley through the Mello Pass (difficult)
Porro Hut (3°Altavia leg stage in Valmalenco)
Longoni Hut (4° Altavia leg stage in Valmalenco)
Maloia Pass, to Muretto Pass (Switzerland)
Cartography Map C.T.R. 1:10'000 Foglio C2C4
Federal Swiss Office of Topography Sheet 278 M. Disgrazia 1:50'000
"Kompass Sentiero Italia" section Nord Lombardia n°6766 1:50'000