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opening scheduled for
June 19, 2021
- How to reach the hut
- WebCam on the hut
- Reservation
- The extension works
- The history of the hut
- When the hut is closed

Position of the hut Characteristics of hut
Altitude 2580ms/lm Built in 1937
Massif Disgrazia Vazzeda Owner CAI SOVICO
Locality Bocchetta Piattè di Vazzeda Beds 10 beds + 2 camp-beds
Town Chiesa Valmalenco (SO) - Chiareggio Winter room Usable since 2013 with 4 beds
Coordinates Lat. 46°18' 30.95"N   Long. 9°44' 31.34"E Telephone 0342 / 556010

Some photo of hut